Saturday, January 19, 2013

Touch of Reds

So I've been trying so hard to find some really awesome plaid bottoms lately, I've been really falling for that kind of pattern..and to think I would actually want a whole wardrobe of the kind in different colors ahaha Oh, and I would seriously love to have a blazer in plaid to which would make it perfect if it was over-sized hehe My love for over-sized things is like the greatest obsession of mine. Is it weird that I think baggy, androgynous, bum looking outfits seem to be so much more high fashion to me? I just think women look more sexy without the skin but thats just me haha In the end I only found these red slightly plaid pants from Forever21 since I can't seem to find my size in their other much more plaid design pants.

Anyways, I'm getting hungry again...speaking of which if I havent told you guys already I'm planning to run my next half marathon next month again so i've been training once more...I'm not sure why I keep running marathons, I tell myself not to at the finish line but I do it all over again. I might be considered a masochist at this point or just plain crazy.

Well you'll have to excuse me while I chubby myself up with some good ol' filipino food!
Have an awesome and blessed weekend guys!

Much love,

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Wearing: Forever21 Plaid pants; Plain White tee from I don't know where; Sugarlips Apparel Blazer (from here); and All Mankind heels


  1. i love the subtle checkered print on your pants!

  2. so simple and chic! love this outfit from head to toe! <3

    Pumps & Kicks


  3. those pants are awesome!! love how the print is subtle. great jacket too!!