Sunday, December 16, 2012


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Wearing: Sugarlips Chain and Boucle Jacket (here); Zara Stone Messenger Bag (here); Zara Basic heel sandals; and usual armcandy ahaha

I've been seriously loving the teal color and accents to my plain balck and white outfits lately, it just adds a pop of color and the price was an amazing find for Zara haha I can't wait to overuse this more and more (oh! I also just bought the black version of the bag...maybe even the white ahaha)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fringes & Knits

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Wearing: Vintage Knit Sweater; Zara fringe skirt; Marc Fisher heels; H&M beanie; and usual accessories haha

I was contemplating when I would ever wear this fringe skirt and its such a waste to wait until summer arrives again. I had to pair it with a sweater so I can warm myself up in this light chilly weather in Temecula. Can't say I want to complain though, I'm very much loving it haha gives me an excuse to bum out at home...although I really shouldn't. I'll be busy preparing for my youth's Christmas Party next weekend so that means decorations, decorations, planning, planning, and more planning haha I hope you all are having a great vacation for Christmas!! 

Much love,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goodnight for now.

MAC S/S 2013


"The MAC Spring Summer 2013 pant collection is all about showing your true colors by enhancing the mood with delicate pastels, sorbet hues, floral and graphic prints. 

SORBET STATEMENT After a cold winter, Spring is the time for fresh and crisp colors. MAC has decided on a smooth start by choosing transitional light pastels and sorbets. Candy tones, warmed up with pops of beiges and taupes, as well as delicate sorbet nuances such as apricot, pistachio or vanilla are an invitation to fully enjoy the season. 

SUMMER RAYS Vibrant yet smooth shades of lilac, fine lime green and lemon yellow are combined with neutrals. Hues of apple green in the linings create a neon contrast with the outer colors of the pants. Metallic coatings in gold and silver, sparkling lurex yarns and sequins are applied to slim cut jeans to convey an idea of casual luxury. 

NEW SILHOUETTES MACʼs statement pieces this season focuses on skinny jeans with piping details. The updated super-stretch denims and slim fit pants dominate all styles. Their casual sportive flair combined with a sophisticated cut, makes the super skinny fit the ideal choice for an all season long denim look. The Sexy Boyfriend, with its conically shaped cut, is the new fit between chino and casual denim. The flowing styles à la Marlene, inspired by the German-American icon Marlene Dietrich, add a touch of romanticism to this structured collection. Their comfortable yet sophisticated fit conveys a modern chic appeal. Staples of the collections are the over size silk trousers with elastic or string waistband. Whether they are cropped or slightly shorter than the traditional length, the cigarette pants are the new chinos and they summarize the spirit of the collection. 

ECO-FRIENDLY FABRICS The light Summer poplins and gabardine twill fabrics are the highlights of the Spring Summer 2013 collection. Silk, crêpe, eco-friendly Tencel fabric and cupro are also absolute must-haves. The extra-light and durable Tencel, in particular, is renowned for its super soft touch. The bi-stretch fabrics, used for pipings and skinnys, give the body a dramatically flattering figure." 

 --- Company of MAC

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What better way than to start a year with adding some color in your closet right? I mean putting aside that my first love will forever be black for a few minutes, lets take into account that bringing some life into your closet is a MUST. I for one am very much in love with their jean collection, those tie-dye pants can be great for any season most especially with a nice leather jacket for this season's winter chill with a touch of black pointed strapped heels. Each print, color, and detail adds such a unique touch to any wardrob haha

What do you guys think? I think I need to get myself a pair or two.

Check out their official site HERE!



I've always been into black, and although I have been trying so hard to avoid my fingers from touching them I just can't stay away. Most especially when it comes to lace, leather, and quilted designs such as this skirt...seriously if my pockets weren't so empty I would be buying that skirt already haha I don't know about you guys but white and black just go so well together and I its my go-to when I can't seem to find the energy to put an outfit together.
I stayed home today and glued myself to my computer screen once again...I really should start my final project (oh me, oh my procrastination..) well here's some awesome music for you guys!
Just discovered sound cloud!! wahhh so much easier!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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BALI HAI RESTAURANT. So I haven't updated in a while considering the fact that I was slightly way too lazy or rather too busy with watching my korean dramas. Yes, sadly to say I am one of those korean kpop drama watching fanatics, I have a soft spot for cute love stories can you blame me?!(laugh all you want). Even though its finals week I am rather excited for Christmas! It's coming by so fast just as fast as this year is ending...can you all believe it's almost the end of the year? Wow...2013? Although I am a bit petrified at the thought of a new year with all the mysteriousness the year will bring...I was overly happy that I FINALLY turned 21. I am officially an adult and as a celebration - late, but still a happy one - I had a belated lunch with my cousins, Vanessa and her boyfriend, my sister plus her significant other, and of course along with my special someone as well (insert happy face and giggle). I had such a blast minus the part when we had some payment troubles at the end of it...seriously if its a big group at such a high quality restaurant you would think they could bring some high quality service right? But, anyways while I push my bantering aside all in all I had fun! Afterwards we moved on with our little Filipino gathering at my aunt's house to watch the Paqiuao vs. Marquez fight...oh man dead knockout with lights out!! If you haven't already experienced a group of Filipinos cheering on another Filipino on tv...I've gotta warn you it is cuhhhrraazzzzyyyy!  haha

 One last final note before I go watch another episode of "Miss You" kdrama, I would like to say that God is amazingly great. This year is coming to a close, but no matter what whether good or bad...God has been faithful. I'm who I am and have this life at hand with all the people I love and care about because of Him. You guys are awesome. Have a blessed and happy Christmas with a happy blessed New Year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012



Wearing: Forever21 button-up polo; Forever21 bowtie (actually a hair clip); Vintage black belt from my grandma; Mustard skirt from Cotton-on; Vera Wang Knee-high socks; and Forever21 Black Suede wedge boots

I know I know..I have been really slacking off on the posts....BUT I will come back soon!! I already posted the rest of that day from my earlier post to celebrate my friend's birthday so check it out! & photo credits to her boyfriend as well! They both are great photo-takers haha 

 Much love, 

 p.s. dont mind the slightly flawed tights ahahah

Mate Date (photo creds to Janine's Boyfriend - Charles)

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Seriosly love these girls. Although we have our share of different personalities and our different schedules, we always find the time to see each other and have our photo-shoots haha its kind of our "thing" I don't have that many friends that enjoy the same things I do so its refreshing to have these two girls around to share it with. 

Check out their sites:


Janine (here) - the birthday girl!!

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Kimmi (here)

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Our attempts to throw leaves and make it look nice....the result:


fail? or no fail? haha


So this day was dedicated to Janine's 20th birthday! I'm so proud of her for passing her Nursing Test and now she's a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) wooooo!!! She is such a beauty haha check her site out here! 
It was an amazing day and the weather was cold BUT that's just how I like it :) After lunch we enjoyed ourselves some ducks and no not in that way haha we fed ducks and I felt like a kid again running after them ahaha maybe not such a good idea with a skirt, but it was fun either way ^_^ 

I hope you all enjoyed your week as well! I apologize for the lack of outfit updates or rather updates in general! I will find the time soon to share everything to you all! hehe 

 Much love, Heliey
(ermegerd its a ernecerm!!)

OH! and photo credits to Charles Guinto (Janine's significant other)

p.s. the photos turned out great!!!

p.p.s. I spotted my stain on my skirt! ahahaha