Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Patterns & Studs

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Wearing: Pink Crochet Cardi from Choies (here); H&M Patterened pants; & my zara studded ankle strapped heels (here)

"All Those Friendly People"

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Wearing: Proper Properties Jacket from SugarLips Apparel (here); Zara Laminated Strapped heels (here); Silk Shorts from my mom's intimates; & my thrifted bustier :D

Hellooooo AGAIN!! It took me a while but I finally took a picture with this lovely jacket from SugarLips Apparel check out their site here! and the Link here for the Blazer :))

Sunday, September 23, 2012

SUNdays :)


My Josiakim <3 

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HELLOOOOOOO AGAIN!!! I haven't updated and written to you all in a while...I apologize for lagging so much, but I was finally able to take pictures today on a SUNDAY! Wooo! God is GOOOOD :D My Josiakim decided to come and take pictures with me too haha I hope you guys are having a blessed sunday and week so far! 

 Wearing: Forever21 Top; zara heels (here); Bag a present from my little sister; and jewelry from everywhere mainly from My boyfriend this time ;))

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Wearing: Zara Frayed Shorts here; Zara Fringed Top here; Aldo Shoes here; and the rest of the accessories from random places ahaha

I had a fun day today, just got out of my fashion management/buyer class and headed off to Kimmi's house to just hangout and take some pictures. Seriously random here's the thing I looked up the weather so I can be prepared for what comes at me today and it said sunny 80ish degree weather..turns out when I get to San Marcos its actually cloudy and it also began to sprinkle..its a good thing I left before it poured on me...but I must say Temecula was right on target with that weather haha :P Well here was today's outfit, what do you guys think? Like the fringe? Yay or Nay? haha <3

Friday, September 7, 2012

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Wearing: Black & White Shirt (here); Vest from (here); Skirt from Forever21; heels from Seven All Mankind; and bag from my little sister as a present :DDD I know I havent updated in a while, but here's two from the three things I recieved from Choies. Check out their site here!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Hey everyone, I am so so so sorry for not updating lately. Haven't been able to post or take any pictures lately due to school and no photographer haha but here's a little fun photoshoot I had with my love, Josiakim. After church we went off to the side and basically goofed around while my sister snapped pictures of can kind of see how weird yet loving our relationship is hahaha I am truly truly blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend. We've been through a lot, but God is good and has helped us get through it...with prayer and with God all things are possible according to His will. 

 I hope you guys are having an awesome week, take care and i'll update soon! ;D