Tuesday, May 20, 2014


BlackFive, one of the authorities on global women's fashion clothing, is an online destination for it girls around the world. Today we are here launching a giveaway event. Wecome to our website: www.blackfive.com to join us! Please see the following details.



1. Click this link to regsiter page: www.blackfive.com/login.html
2. Leave a comment here with your registered account.
Everyone who sings up during 19th --23rd May will get 5$ coupon. As for the amazing gift cards, the winners will be chosen from the registered accounts and published on 26th of May.

Good luck! Hope you guys enter!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kill City Jeans & ASOS Top


Hello awesome people of the world!!! Decided to keep it simple and casual today by wearing out these awesome Kill City Jeans that I recently received, ASOS top (one of my all time favs), and nude heels that I've been constantly wearing by Guess! I've been doing nothing but working and I am sincerely apologetic for not keeping up on this blogging obsession of mine, but hopefully this summer I'll be able to update you guys like crazy!! So cray that you'll think I'm cray ahaha..hahah..ha any who, I hope you ALL are having a wonderful week so far <3

With Love,
Heliely :)

-------------------------------> Check Out Kill City HERE!

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Wearing: Kill City Jeans (here); ASOS Top; and Guess Nude Heels