Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boyfriend Tees and Slit Skirts

Good Morning!
Hope you all are having an awesome Wednesday!
I was a tad bit lazy to upload these pictures last night, but I felt more energized this morning so here they are! haha
I've been wanting a flannel shirt from my boyfriend for a while now (3 years back when we first started yes I waited patiently) and it's only now he finally handed one over. Why? Because over-sized things are my best friends and whats more perfect than having it from your boyfriend right? I mean...I don't know maybe i'm just odd that way but I love knowing I can wear his clothes out hehe (if only I could steal them from his closet ahaha)
Oh! and one more thing! I've been dreaming of the perfect slit skirt and I've been searching and searching everywhere to find one that wasn't too much for my small pocket and Hokkfabrica came to my rescue!
This slit skirt is just so classic and once that zip goes up, it transforms any girl to classy and sexy in seconds. Am I right or am I right?
It isn't too much and what I just love about it is that you can adjust the slit to your liking.
Check out their site and grab one before they're gone!

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Wearing: Helene Pencil Skirt (here); Windsor Smith Gillie Heels; Boyfriend Tee

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tropical Tops & Skater Skirts

Hello My lovelies!
As you can see I grabbed some yummy cookies & cream ice cream before I did my quick photo op and gobbled it up as fast as I soon to be roommie - Kimmie (blog here) - took some not-so-great-looking photos of me while I was eating and so no...I will not share those unsightly things...maybe...I'll think about it ahaha
So, lately I've been seeing lots of tropical prints earlier this summer and I wasn't able to wear this top from Line & Dot (gifted by this sweet gal named Kristen -blog here- whom I have not met yet! But hoping one day I will soon haha) until now so here it is! Styled it with a simple flared/skater skirt from Forever21 and finished it off with some lace-up heels from Windsor Smith (my fav find this whole year). Once you find a pair of perfect heels..ahhh happy doesn't even come close to describing it!

****BTW! If you all haven't heard about LINE & DOT you've got to visit their site! They've got some lovely pieces that you just can't say no to! 

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Tropical Eyelet Top from LINE&DOT (here); Windsor Smith Lace-up heels; Forever21 skater/flared skirt; Banggood bag

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sweater Weather

photo 5

So, last week California had a random weather change and although it was a week of happiness, sadly to say it's become warm all over again...(ahhhh). On a good note though, I took advantage of the chilly weather and wore out this over-sized coat (yes my love for over-sized things is forever and beyond eternity)which kept me ooh so very warm!

Thanks to for gifting me this 
coat as well as this skirt...I will happily hibernate in them thank you very much! hehe
(OH! & another great news is that I've become one of their awesome Global Stylists
So go check out their site if you haven't already! They have some amazing finds!!)

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Wearing: Big Knit Coat (here); Simple Elastic Skirt (here); Zara Crop Top; & Rock & Republic heels

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Leather Caps on Rainy days, Turtlenecks & Over-sized things

MUSIC FOR THE DAY: 1860music

(doing the happy dance hehe)
I'm one of those girls that get into high spirits when sweater weather comes dashing in, and the cool breeze meets my overly excited face as I step outside my door! Gahhh if only more days like these come much more often than Santa Ana winds ahaha but hey, for today i'm a happy duck.

So here's the outfit I wore earlier today, kept switching back from having pants and being pantless (not to worry I just wore pants under the dress ahaha) but during this time I just settled to keeping the dress on its own. This over-sized coat from Cotton-on helped a bunch load in keeping me warm. $15 sale SO worth it! ahaha OH! and not to mention, thank you to Furor Moda for this lovely turtle neck dress! hehe I've always had a thing for turtle necks when I was younger and my boyfriend used to laugh at me for it even to this day it remains in his memories haha...I was ahead - somewhat - of my time ok??
Anyways, I hope you're all enjoying the weather in Cali because I AM!!

With Love,

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Wearing: Cotton-on Coat; Furor Moda dress (here); Asos Cap; &Marc Fisher Booties


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


There's only a few online shops I constantly go back to and ASOS is one of them. From the first moment I laid eyes on that magnificent site, I literally cannot stay away from it ahaha 
(tragic isn't you all know I have a problem..somewhat?) 
But, who can blame me? They have awesome clothes, shoes, accessories, and etc. at great - as well as reasonable - prices. Seriously...go and visit the site if you haven't already!

(this is why online shopping will be the death of me...)

photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 5 photo 5 (1) photo 3 (1) photo 2 Wearing: Asos Cropped Woven Cami (here); Asos Pants in Pinstripe (here); Rock & Republic heels; & my favorite Woven Hat

FALA by Fala Chien

Good Morning!!
I took a quick snap yesterday before the sun went down of this lace crop top by Fala Chien.
I am truly a fan of her designs, most especially for this fall season!
Take a look at it HERE and shop as well!
Don't miss out!! (I'm really a fan of her Maren Coats ahhhhh dying inside!!)

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Wearing: Fala by Fala Chien Lace Crop Top (here); Rock & Republic heels; Forever21 Pants; & Parka

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Track Suits

Hello!! Such a busy busy week!
I hope all is well with you guys and gals, still waiting oh so patiently for autumn to arrive...
its a bit late here..summer's still got a hold of us in Cali haha
So here's my quick outfit update! Thanks to for this comfy little tack suit that I will definitely wear out for theee upcoming cold weather!
Fingers crossed...lets hope it comes soooon!!
With love,
Heliely photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

Wearing: Top (here) & Bottom (here) Track Suit Set; Zara heels; bag; & Zara Tee (here)