Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Track Suits

Hello!! Such a busy busy week!
I hope all is well with you guys and gals, still waiting oh so patiently for autumn to arrive...
its a bit late here..summer's still got a hold of us in Cali haha
So here's my quick outfit update! Thanks to Shoppiin.com for this comfy little tack suit that I will definitely wear out for theee upcoming cold weather!
Fingers crossed...lets hope it comes soooon!!
With love,
Heliely photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

Wearing: Top (here) & Bottom (here) Track Suit Set; Zara heels; Sheinside.com bag; & Zara Tee (here)


  1. Love your outfit, all the pieces are awesome!

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    With love,

  3. Heliely!

    You don't understand how much of a FAN I am of yours! I literally love every single post you put out, not to mention how incredibly adorable you are! Seriously, it would be an understatement if I simply said you are my fashion inspiration.

    I can't wait to see what else is in store from you :) Loving this look so much!

    Mai Sunshine

  4. You're so beautiful, so photogenic.


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