Friday, November 23, 2012

Came Out to Play

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Wearing: Naked Zebra Blouse (here); Zara Camo Trousers (here); Zara basic sandal heels; Forever21 Outwear; and my usual armswag ahaha 

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!! I am so thankful and blessed for just all of you who are following and so thankful for having God provide so many things in my life as well as the people in it. I had so much fun with my relatives today and most especially my cousins! We had a little fun and quick photoshoot at Old Town Temecula and yes it was at my usual spot haha I hope you all enjoyed your thanksgiving!! 

 Much thanks to Naked Zebra for finding me and just giving me the opportunity to work with them! If you haven't heard of them check out their site here! Their store is filled with simple basics but ones that are in great quality and will last for as long as ever ahaha Basics are what we need in every occasion whether it be for a lunch or to a party! And I chose this one because of the back hehe I am in LOVE with back details and this blouse was the perfect one hehehehe It is now one of my favorite pieces in my closet!! Gahhh great quality and great fit!! Can't complain herrreee! So again here is their site! Check Check Check it ouuutttt!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

RACE WEEKEND: Monterey Aquarium

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It was an absolutely awesome weekend!! Although I'm sore coming back home from my Big Sur marathon, it was an overall blessing of a week! haha My family and I finally arrived to Monterey Friday afternoon and settled in out hotel at Pacific Hotel (which was fortunately close to the starting line and the finishing line haha) and ate at theeee delicious restuarunt called..what was it...BUBBA GUMPS (from forest Gump!) -- I'll show you guys the rest of the pics later on---and then bumming out afterwards. Saturday we woke up extremely early at 7ish (super early for me since I am definitely NOT a morning person) and headed out to the Aquarium!! As you can see from the pictures...THEY WERE FASCINATING!! :DDD I enjoyed myself taking the pictures and I was so excited to show you guys that I just had to edit and post it up real quick!! My family and I ate out again at another restuarunt...but I was too hungry to even notice the name of the place...although it was'll have to get back to you guys on that. On Sunday My mom, dad, eldest  sister, and I woke up at 5, ate breakfast at the lobby, and prepared our self for the marathon!!! Wahhh I was not expecting those many hills for the Big Sur, but man I am so so so glad and blessed and thankful that I finished!! I am terribly exhausted but I'm so exhausted that I can't sleep...has that ever hapenned to you guys? bleehhhh...I hope you guys enjoyed your week as much as I did...I need to go find myself some stomach is calling :p


Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Wearing: Navy Blue Sugarlips Dress (here); Aldo heels (; Forever21 scarf; knee-high red sock from H&M; and sotcking from Newlook (here

 Hey everyone, this is the fourth look from Sugarlips Apparel, they are so amazingly awesome and I just love love love their clothes! If you havent yet already seen their site click here and go go gooooo!! ;D

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Wearing: Sugarlips Apparel dress (here); Marc Fisher Boots; Forever21 button-up vest; and a vintage belt from my grandma haha 

 Hello again, as you can see I had fun twirling around in this dress! It is just too perfect and I can't wait to wear it for Christmas! I can't believe the year is almost ending once again and Christmas is just around the corner...ahhh time to save up some money for Christmas presents!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012


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Wearing: Dress from SugarLips Apparel (here); Parka from Forever21; knee high socks from H&M; and Black wedge sandals from ALDOs 

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!! I finally had a chance to update you guys on a look again, and this dress is none other than a Sugarlips dress, their clothes are so cute! So check them out quickly before you go shopping elsewhere haha

Check out my picks from Sugarlips here!