Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hey guys, 
I know I haven't been posting anything up lately...I've been a little lazy these past few days and when I do dress up my photographer isn't around to take a quick snap...I was thinking of doing videos for my outfits and some outfit ideas when I get the chance. Let me know if there's anything you guys would like to know? I'll do m best to answer haha

Sooo as you can tell I changed the site a bit...I'm not the "html" kind of girl but I'm willing to try and teach myself...GAAHHH truly give props to those who take the time creating their site, I give so much respect to you. I hope one day my site will turn out as something that I myself have conjured up with my own blood,  sweat and tears...minus the blood part, I don't think it should be that intense..unless my eyes being glued to the screen starts becoming bloodshot er something hahahaha well anyywayyys I hope you all are having the best of the best of the best week so far. I thank you ALL for following, each person following is a great push and motivation for me. 

YOU all are beautiful people.

much love and gratitude,

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