Tuesday, July 31, 2012


JCREW-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-004_runway JCREW-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-010_runway JCREW-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-023_runway JCREW-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-029_runway JCREW-FALL-2012-RTW-PODIUM-030_runway

So yes, very much in love with this whole brilliant idea of JCrew to play around with color and plug in some patterns that fit so well together. I miss the cold so hopefully by the time it does come around I can also play around with some lovely patterns as well as making it as comfortable as it looks in these models. I've fallen in love with the use of the over-sized coat, sweaters and knits - the things I love love love to wear and stock up on haha Oh! and I must say I am getting into pointy heels nowadays as well haha I should buy a pair ;) 

Carissa Rae & Michael Alvarado

They are such an awesome couple! I really admire their teamwork and their voices just harmonize so well haha can't wait to see how far they get, no matter what I will support them :) Just a fun song I wanted to share! Go check out the rest of their music if you all like what you hear ;)

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New shoes! Nomnomnom! Bowler hat! I scream for ice scream!

Don't worry I wont bite! ;)

Photoshoot job

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Took a short break from outfit posts to do a side photo-shoot job for my friend's cousins. Truly had fun taking on this small job haha I love taking pictures of others and seeing how it turns out, always a pleasure to work with new faces. Let me know if anyone is in need of a photographer near south cali - Temecula haha ;D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Twin Day :)

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So today I finally went out and had a twin catch up day haha this is my friend kimberly Anne you can find her blog here. She's just starting up so go check out her blog and her store ;D 

 Although my day didn't start off so well, I really thank God for this day. I've got a lot of growing up to do still and a lot of things that I have to endure but I know Gods got me. We went to the sweet shop in downtown Temecula where Kimmi works and their choco peanut ice cream is just soooooooo delicious especially during these past hot summery days in Temecula, let me tell you ice cream helps even just a little haha Afterwards we visited a record shop that had walls and boxes of old records! pretty awesome if only I had a record player to play some good old fashion music. But the highlight of the day was going to this new art store called "HALF BAD" if only I could've taken some photos to show you how awesome they were. But anyways that was how my day was so far, really blessed to have my twin around. She always comes in perfect timing to cheer me up. Well now I can't wait to go home and talk to my Josiakim ^_^ 

 It was a good day haha <3 Write to you guys soon!!