Thursday, October 16, 2014



I believe that the hardest thing in life is figuring out your lifetime goal.
Seeking - in the midst of all the calamity that every day life could offer -
pushing, and pulling, to find something to confidently stand for...
isnt as "easy-peasy lemon-squeezy" as we think it is, but awesome and actually life changing..
Because I mean what's life if you live for nothing right?

Wether it be to obtain a higher education, job,personal goals,
providing for yourself or your family, becoming an example,
making an impact in your school or community, whatever it could possibly be...
maybe even standing for self respect & self-confidence..
Just stand for something.

Although it may be silly, but I believe that we can all stand for this one thing..
something that might seem easy but actually quiet a challenge.


Because it seems so small, so insignificant at the moment,
but can impact a person's life in so many ways.
There is not one person out there who is exactly the same.
But we all love to be loved.
As babies we NEED it.
As kids we SEEK it.
As teenagers we try and UNDERSTAND it.
As adults we LEARN from it.
and its crazy but, as humans we are the only ones who have the capacity to GIVE it.

Standing for something isnt just something you say.
It's something you live by, act upon, and challenge yourself to be an example of.

That's what I stand for.

What about you?

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014



With a dress so intricate, 
I couldn't help but keep the outfit as simple as possible.
No necklace needed, 
it would take away from the perfect amount of neckline.
A very unique sleeve,
an accessory in itself not to mention beautiful.

Thank you to & the ladies (Katie) 
who have always included me in such an awesome long-lasting collaboration.
Cheers to your wonderful website!

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{Picture Creds: Josiakim Barcelon}

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Good Evening,
Picked myself up today and grabbed my boyfriend along 
to snap a few pictures to add into this little blog of mine. 
We've both been busy doing our own things 
that when we do come together we agree to rest and chill in each other's companies.
 {Completely content with such an amazing guy} 

Thanks to Missguided Clothing for gifting me this awesome romper.
Can't even explain how insanely ecstatic I was 
when I realized it arrived - I mean come on look at it! -

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With love,

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

091614 - Carnaby Girl for a Day.

Thank you to Missguided for gifting me these two amazing pieces, toast to those long lasting 
Carnaby ladies out there that added class during the 70's. 
Bringing in a little of past to the present. Kuddos!

I hope everyone's been having an awesome week so far, 
its ranging 100s here in south cali weather.
So yes, I considered myself crazy for wearing this sweater unders such circumstances.

I'll come back soon with a more warmer outfit ;)


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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Walked down the same alley spots and streets to discover that little section and part of an abondoned
building to take these photos...Theres so many places to take photos, it just takes a little of an adventure to
find those golden spaces haha
Thanks again to my photograpgher of the day - Emilia Ford!
I had to dress down this little skirt of mine from Chictopia's Shop (here)
and paired it with a muscle tee from Zara and wedges from ALDO.
How do you guys like it? Yay or Nay?

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Wearing: Skirt from Choies c/o Chictopia (here); Zara Top; Watch by Daniel Wellington (here); Wedge Sandals from Aldo


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After such a rough start of the day, @josiakim bought me some boba to cure my worries away. God is good no matter what and provides in every situation. #praiseGod Resting spots in front of abandoned buildings. ☝️Tap tap tap for tags. (Pc: @emiiliaah ) Sneak Peek ✌️ feat. @missguided My go-to shoes. Yes. Melting in this Esco weather. Tap for tags! ☀️ pc: @emiiliaah Essentials. Click on the photo for tags! The current splurge. #coatobsession Roomie life. M.I.A: @kimberlyannnee Here's to a VERY hot day. #baskinrobins w/ @josiakim Buckets of cherries!!! #cherrypicking #locftemecula #needtogoagain haha Recent blog update! Don't forget to check out @danielwellingtonwatches online. You'll get 15% off using my code: "helielyb" up until Sept. 15th! Sometimes the most beautiful places are found in unexpected places, its the matter of keeping your eyes and minds open in order to see it. #missingarizona


Not entirely sure where my weeks have been going haha it's been one of those days where Mondays
have been jumbled up as Thrusdays and Wednesdays to Fridays. 
On my handy dandy free time I finally took the time to snap some shots of the many long-awaited
outfits on my list haha 
(Much Thanks to Emilia Ford for the lovely photos).
Although the warmth of the sun has yet to start ceasing, I shall accept it because...well my wish in
becoming Storm from X-men will bever happen. Apparently only Halle Berry is qualified.


Thanks to for the oufit! 
I am never disappointed - always having some awesome new faves & finds :)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


**Music selection inspired by Kimberly Anne (follow her IG: kimberlyannnee) **

Currently in love with comfy light weight tops in this never ending summer.
Skirts have just been a recent option lately.
Past weeks have been ramming me with twists and turns, roller-coaster rides of plateaus, mountains, and cliff hangers...the perks of real life experiences of living away from parents haha
Roommates fulfill those everyday voids when needing a little laughter.
Letting loose once a week is a necessity.
I need a sense of urgency to get me moving!
Summer lets pack up, Winter please come on over.

It's been official since day 1 when I asked my sister for the phone that you're a keeper in my life.
Too much silliness  has been added into this very timid Heliely.


Thanks to Daniel Wellington Watches for sending me a very crucial essential in my life.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014



Came back to the same place I took some photos and realized that I still had plenty of options to choose from: a different wall, a different shop, or alley. This place here is located in Downtown Escondido near the EscoGelato shop I was firmly obsessed with at the beginning of the year haha I can't help but fall in love with Downtown Esco, from the trees that shade the sidewalk to the unique characteristic of each and every shop. It has what you would say an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere - at least to me that is - but then again even Downtown San Diego is a beautiful adventure in itself.

Thank you Shoploeil for this lovely top, although it took me a while to post it up it was a pleasure to work with you and I am completely IN love with your shop! I hope great things for Shoploiel!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Small Adventures.


Took a stroll along the sides of Silver Lake in San Marcos the afternoon I took these photos. I couldn't help but miss my training days while passing through a handful of runners around the lake. Although I ultimately hated running in the heat, it reminded me of how much it helped my endurance, and all that hardwork amounted to something so great - crossing that finish line and receiving a medal. What's even better is that everyone around you: runners, joggers, walkers - all of them are all heading to the same place you are; making the same effort, and putting all the same strength in it as you are. I find is to be a beautiful thing when people come to share a special memory, although not realizing it at that moment, but we all shared a sense of accomplishment at the end of all that struggle. Through running, I learned the lesson of what it's like to make a goal, and trianing your body and mind to reach that goal whether big or small it may be. 

The fight to finish is worth it.


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photo 1

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