Friday, April 19, 2013

Tribal Prints

I'm not so much of a tribal print person, but when I saw the details at the back it was a keeper haha I loved the way the cardigan shortened at the back (creating somewhat of an angle when seen in side view) and the zippers that give it a little extra details - not to mention the pleather shoulder strips! All in all it was perfect and a great light-weight cardi for the warmer weathers.

 Thanks so much to ShopAKIRA for this lovely piece! If you guys haven't already heard or checked out ShopAKIRA their website is here! Don't miss out on all their pieces ranging from brands such as For Love and Lemons, Finders Keepers, Motel Rocks, Jeffery Campbell, and etc. So go go GOOOOO!

  photo 4 (4)-1 photo-1 photo-2 photo 2 (4) photo 1 (5) photo 2 (5) photo 3 (4)

Wearing: Tribal Cardigan c/o ShopAKIRA (here); Forever21 Studded Dolphin shorts; & Zara heels

Thursday, April 18, 2013



I had the privilege to work with Sugarlips with my first ever giveaway on instagram so don't lose out on this fun and great opportunity! Sugarlips decided that since its Spring, it would be fun to base the giveaway on looks consisting of springtime outfits like florals, pastels, bright colors, and etc. that would involve a look or outfit to wear with your spring-fling! In other words, what would you wear on a date with that special someone during this season? So, without further ado here are the contest rules:


-Post photo of yourself wearing an outfit that you would wear out on a date with your Spring Fling and tag #Slspringfling 

-follow @ishmele and @sugarlipsapparel 

 Prize: $100 Giftcard 

 Winner -1 winner

Contest ends next Thursday 4/25 and the winner will  be announced Friday, 4/26

I'll be the one hosting this giveaway, therefore I'll get to choose the winner! hehehehe
I'm so excited to see what everyone will post up! So, go go GOOOO! 

photo (1)photo 1 (3) photo 5 (3) photo 4 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2)

Wearing: Sugarlips Apparel Floral Dress; Zara stone Messenger Bag; Aldo Wedges; and Vintage outerwears from my mom! haha

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm content. Blessed. Happy. & Exceptionally in love.

Yeah, I've already accepted the fact that those love stories in movies don't come close to what real relationships are; but in a way I'm happy it isn't. In reality, it doesn't all come down to love and lovey dovey moments, it truly is communication and perseverance. It's a commitment, and its takes a lot to make it work...why? Because every relationship has its ups and downs...without its downs there'd be no such things as ups. Sometimes bumping heads is a good thing, it just shows we're both comfortable and close enough to truly tell how each of us feels (whether or not we agree or disagree). What I've learned a lot through this relationship of over 3 years, is that it takes a lot of time, effort, patience, love, the other person of course, and - last but certainly not least - God to make it work. I never would've thought I'd last this long with Josiakim, but here we are. Funny how I would've never thought that I could fall in love with the boy I've known since I was 8 and the boy who confessed to me when I was in my middle school years; still, even after having been rejected he continued to like me secretly until 3 years ago when I finally liked him back.
It's crazy how we've watched each other grow...but I'm crazy about him...isn't that crazy? haha

He's the extra to my ordinary.

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Casual Mornings

If you all haven't noticed lately, I've been in and out with my blogging since I've just been doing my own personal activities as well as school. So, I do apologize for the lack there of...for today I was able to snap a few good shots of my more casual outfit - the weather called for it haha

The sun seems to hide behind the clouds at the beginning of every week, but hey  I'm not complaining! I actually love cold and windy weathers. Thanks to my dad I was able to add another over-sized button-up to my obsession of clothes, and paired it with another over-sized coat (courtesy of Nastygal) along with my favorite pair of heeled boots.

Yaaay for comfy weathers!

Talk to you all soon :)

With love,

  photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo photo 5 Wearing: Coat c/o Nastygal; Button-up (dad's hand-me-down); Marc Fisher Boots; Zara bag; and H&M hat

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcoming Warmer Weathers

I wasn't sure when I would be able to wear this floral top when I first got it for Christmas from my mom (handpicked by my little sister, Evee) but now that it's finally warm outside, I was given the chance to! Although it has been random cold and hot here and there in California, I guess it's to be expected since it is Spring...I'm grateful either way haha I'm still expecting/waiting for those spring showers to pass by soon?
Oh! and I've been seeing so many flowers in bloom! Gahhh so excited for more warm weathers, but still kind of hesitant for summer to arrive...Summer in Temecula is like opening a preheated oven!
Gotta pack and save for sunblock once again!


On another note, I paired this top with a lace bralette (since the blouse is a bit see through) along with my comfy studded dolphin shorts from Forever21. Since it's spring(and my toes were painted) I decided to wear my Aldo wedges once again! Topping it off with my H&M hat and over-sized round glasses :)
  photo 2 (1)photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1

Wearing: Jennifer Lopez Floral Cold Shoulder Top (here), Urban Outfitters Bralette (similar here); Forever21 Dolphin Studded Shorts (here); H&M Floppy Hat; H&M Cheetah Clutch; and Over-sized circle sunnies ( here)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Quilts, Lace, & Pleather Tops

I took a week break from posting up photos and now I'm back! So hopefully you didn't miss me too much, maybe? I'm a bit sore from my hike last Saturday with a few of my youth, and CCBC (as well as my sister and my cousin MJ) at Cedar Creek Falls near Julian (I sadly missed the opportunity in grabbing a bite of that yummy authentic Julian dutch apple pie...crying inside*) and although it was such a great experience, I'm glad I'm back home safe and sound in my comfy bed resting hehe

For this outfit, Mustard Cartel surprised me with this beautiful pleather peplum top that not only creates volume but also length at the back. I had fun twirling in it and combining it with lots of textures - Quilted Blazer and Lace/Crochet skirt, although its a combination of edgy and soft, I think it suited well with each other.

If you haven't already checked out Mustard Cartel the link is here!

photo (11) photo (9) photo (7) photo (12) photo (6) photo (8)

Wearing: Pleather Top (here); Urban Outfitter Crochet Dress/Skirt; Forever21 Quilted Blazer; Zara heels; & H&M Cheetah Clutch

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey Ladies Mustard Cartel is having a 15% off discount on everything in their store! Make sure you go and visit their site to get these cool shorts before they sell out!! :DD LINK HERE!

Authentic, One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Clothing

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  •   photo (5)


    I was sitting in front of my laptop trying to figure out what to write about today, and I figured I might as well talk about who I am, and formally yet informally introduce myself to you all.

    My name is Heliely Leanne Bermudez (first name pronounced as el-ya-lee), I'm 21 years old living in South California. I am happily and proudly a born again Christian, my relationship with God comes first. I'm the second eldest child from 4 girls in my household, and I'm majoring in marketing & merchandising. Some would say that I'm a tad bit introverted because I'm a rather shy and awkward person when you first meet me (I just can't help it!). Babysitting is my part time if not full time job, I babysit my two younger sisters who are 10 and 16 years apart from me (sadly I feel as though I'm a stay at home mom sometimes). I've got a large imagination filled with many longing adventures, but stuck in my own little -____-"
    I would say more but then again, I realized I don't have much to say for myself since I think it might be better having someone close to me or another person ask questions ahaha (which makes me question why I started this in the first place...) Anyways....


    On a different and non-serious note, here's another feature of Mustard Cartel! (site here). These astro shorts are just so awesome that I could not resist putting an outfit around it. I paired it up with an over-sized white polo (dad's old clothes), vintage plaid/checkered outerwear, alongside my favorite pair of glasses, and finally my black Marc Fisher boots.
    If you guys haven't visited their site check it out now!

    photo photo (1) photo (2)-2 photo (4) photo (3)
    Wearing: Mustard Cartel Astro Shorts (here); White Over-sized Polo (similar here & here); Vintage Outerwear (thrifted); and Marc Fisher Heel Boots (similar here & here)