Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

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Wearing: Forever21 Woven Shorts (here); Shirt from..I forgot where haha; Knitted Cardigan from a present from my Josiakim ; & For All Mankind Strapped Heels (one of my favorites) :D

I haven't been posting lately (so sorry about that) because school has been keeping me busy. I hope everyone who's still in school are enjoying themselves haha or at least making the best/most of it! There's been so much happening, and I miss my boyfriend so much..sigh hoping i'll be able to go Disneyland with him in September before my ticket expires!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some More Teal

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BACK TO SCHOOL!!! haha :D 
 So heres what i'm wearing: 
 Forever21 Blazer; Forever21 Teal High-waisted shorts; Teal tank button-up from Marshalls; Jewelry from everywhere; and Black Suede boots/wedges from Forever21 (here black is out of stock >.<)

This outfit was actually on my second day of school. I wasn't able to show my first-day-of-school outfit haha but overall I was super excited to get back and face my studies head on this semester since I really would love to finish and get my associates in Fashion Merchandising ASAP! haha So far I love my classes, so I am  very much looking forward to how this school semester turns out. Lets keep praying! ;D

Thursday, August 16, 2012



CHOIES decide to give away 5 pieces of leggings every day. The 10 winners and the color of the leggings sent to you would be chosen RANDOMLY.

What you have to do:
1. Register in if you don't have an account
2.'Share' any of your favorite items in to your facebook (or blog or tumblr and so on) and leave the link on together with your register email.
3.'Like' of follow the following page if you have one
4. Leave the register email on this page. CHOIES will inform you if you are among the winners every day. Good Luck to you flowers!!!:D

This giveaway will start from August 17th, end till August 23 th

You have to leave your link and email under the campaign on their facebook page They will choose from these emails. :D 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Wearing: Choies Dress from here; heels from Forever21; spiked necklace from forever21; and socks from my little sister ahaha ;) 

 I honestly felt like a little girl walking out of the house and once I saw the pictures it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland..a Filipino version ahaha man I got dark from all this camping and pool trips..gahh oh winter how I miss you so!

Mate Date!

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Had such an awesome and fun, funny day today with my lovely friends Janine and Kimmi :D haha had so many candid pictures along with little side noises and laughter to go along with our photoshoot haha wish Janine had a BLOGSPOT so I can include her in this but she has a tumblr (here) and Kimmi's blog is here! We decided to get some bobba first at this little restaurant called Wok In and waited for our friend Janine to come but we then decided to just visit her instead haha So here is sneak peak of that me theres much much more we're hiding from all of you ahaha ;) ENJOY!

My Love for Twirly Dresses

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Wearing: Choies dress from here; shoes from Seven; and my handy dandy bowler hat ;D Much thanks to for allowing me another opportunity to work with them check out their shop here!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Little Floral Piece

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Wearing: Dress from here, heels from Forever21; floral headpiece DIY! haha had such an awesome time with my twin Kimberly Anne (her blog here).

Before heading out the buy the supplies for the floral piece I took a few pics of Kim for her look on lookbook (here)and also her blog. After that we took out my little sisters for some frozen yogurt because Temecula is waaay too hot, this whole week it'll be 100 degree if not lets just say 99 degrees - not really much of a difference its still hot as ever >.<" We then headed to Michaels to get our supplies, just some flowers, floral wire and floral tape(except the tape did not help at all because it wasn't sticking ahaha) and we headed home to work on it. Turns out it was pretty easy and took us maybe 30 minutes or so? or was it an hour...hmm well it turned out beautifully as you can tell haha well I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!! I'll be going to family camp in 2 days!! Don't miss me too much haha