Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

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Wearing: Forever21 Woven Shorts (here); Shirt from..I forgot where haha; Knitted Cardigan from a present from my Josiakim ; & For All Mankind Strapped Heels (one of my favorites) :D

I haven't been posting lately (so sorry about that) because school has been keeping me busy. I hope everyone who's still in school are enjoying themselves haha or at least making the best/most of it! There's been so much happening, and I miss my boyfriend so much..sigh hoping i'll be able to go Disneyland with him in September before my ticket expires!!


  1. you're beautiful! love this casual outfit!

  2. Such a pretty smile :) Loving the knit cardigan and this location is beautiful!


  3. i love the cardigan! i've been looking around for one just like it! new follower. x