Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Little Floral Piece

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Wearing: Dress from here, heels from Forever21; floral headpiece DIY! haha had such an awesome time with my twin Kimberly Anne (her blog here).

Before heading out the buy the supplies for the floral piece I took a few pics of Kim for her look on lookbook (here)and also her blog. After that we took out my little sisters for some frozen yogurt because Temecula is waaay too hot, this whole week it'll be 100 degree if not lets just say 99 degrees - not really much of a difference its still hot as ever >.<" We then headed to Michaels to get our supplies, just some flowers, floral wire and floral tape(except the tape did not help at all because it wasn't sticking ahaha) and we headed home to work on it. Turns out it was pretty easy and took us maybe 30 minutes or so? or was it an hour...hmm well it turned out beautifully as you can tell haha well I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!! I'll be going to family camp in 2 days!! Don't miss me too much haha

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  1. i love your dress! it is gorgeous!