Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some More Teal

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BACK TO SCHOOL!!! haha :D 
 So heres what i'm wearing: 
 Forever21 Blazer; Forever21 Teal High-waisted shorts; Teal tank button-up from Marshalls; Jewelry from everywhere; and Black Suede boots/wedges from Forever21 (here black is out of stock >.<)

This outfit was actually on my second day of school. I wasn't able to show my first-day-of-school outfit haha but overall I was super excited to get back and face my studies head on this semester since I really would love to finish and get my associates in Fashion Merchandising ASAP! haha So far I love my classes, so I am  very much looking forward to how this school semester turns out. Lets keep praying! ;D


  1. Loving the teal on teal :) Teal has always been one of my favorite colors and I love that you wear it so well.


  2. Hey! I followed you on instagram a while back haha finally got the chance to check out your blog!
    Your style is really cute! & I love the fact that you have friends who are into fashion blogging too! LOL wish I have more friends to take outfit pictures with!

    Following you on gfc now! :)