Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Over-sized Mustard Blazer

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Wearing: All thrifted except the H&M tank & my Zara frayed shorts here

Yes it was very very hot in Temecula and I was surprised I let myself go out with a blazer in this seems to be 100 degrees weather but I was too excited when I purchased this over-sized mustard blazer while having a thrifting adventure with my twin (Kimmi her site is here!) that I just had to, HAD to wear it hehe

What do you guys think? Over-sized things are just something I very much prefer than tight clothing haha :D


  1. Love it! Fab blazer!


  2. i just stalked all of your outfits on chictopia and i'm in lust! you have impeccable style and aren't afraid to experiment! it's so playful :) here your sunnies are great with your hair and BRIGHT yellow w/ denim. you are beautiful. NEW FOLLOWER!

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style
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  3. Love this look! Just beautiful. I live a little past the Temecula wineries!

    Bianca from

  4. such an amazing look! I love everything on this outfit! :)