Thursday, August 2, 2012

With a Touch of Gold

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Wearing: Thrifted plaid sweater & thrifted bustier; forever21 boots from here; and I forgot where I got these black lace high-waisted shorts >.< haha

So today was hot like usual and its the season where the bugs come out to play most especially ants and flies...ahhhhh I can't stand them so small but very annoying! They're popping up everywhere >.<" ehhh well I hope everyone is havinga great summer so far. I'll be having camp next week at the beach with my family and another camp the week after that with my church, so EXCITED!! 
haha well anyways take care guys and hopefully I can update as much looks as I can before I get busy with these camps. All my updates should be posted up on instagram so look for me there! ;D