Friday, March 29, 2013


There's this really yummy cupcake shop along the outside part of the Promenade Mall in Temecula that's called Truly Madly Sweetly and it's filled with delicious cupcakes and other sweets. Their whole shop is just too adorable, and its so convenient since its right next to the mall and a few restaurants - best dessert option?
Besides the cupcakes in Old Town Temecula, this is most likely the only closest one to the mall. I would have to say that their location is perfect as well as enticing haha If you live in Temecula, and you're craving for some cupcakes come visit Truly Madly Sweetly and order oh so yummy cupcakes!! Support your local cupcake shop ahaha

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I believe that I've gotten used to the fact that I can be very weird and maybe even odd at times when people drive by or walk by as I take my photos and they'll probably look puzzled at the thought of a girl randomly taking photos of herself...but then again I realize that I'll most likely never see them again and I pop out of my awkward shell and proceed with my photos. Has anyone else felt that way? I guess when you've taken so many photos at one point in public, bloggers tend to get used to it and feel confident in themselves...I'm probably still in that process ahaha
Anyways, thanks to Choies for this amazing Plaid Blazer (I have been desperately looking for one!). I'm so happy to have receieved this from you guys, I am such a fan of  your site! If you havent checked them out click here to find out just how awesome they are! haha
I paired this outerwear with a nice mustard skirt and blue denim button-up! I felt like a school girl after putting this outfit together, and it was perfect too since the weather wasn't too hot today in sunny Temecula. (I probably sound overly excited, but its been a really nice day today haha) What do you guys think? The blazer is awesome isn't it? haha

Happy Good Friday Everyone!
I'll talk to you all soooooon!

Much love,

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Wearing: Checkered Woolen Blazer c/o Choies (here); Cotton on Mustard Skirt; Forever21 Denim Button-up; & Aldo Wedges

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It was such a busy weekend trying to prepare everything for the photoshoot for asociete that I took the past few days after as rest days for me (perfect timing too for spring break!) I didn't want to make you guys wait too long for another outfit update so here it is!
Thanks to Sugarlips once again for another amazing jacket to add to my rapidly growing blazer collection...don't worry its not an obsession just yet.
I'm slowly getting used to this hot weather, but I do sometimes miss the cold weather...I suppose I'll have to pry myself away from outerwear for a while this season, but don't be surprised if I choose to wear one even if it is rather warm hehe I'm a lunatic when it comes to my choice of clothes here in Temecula haha

1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 12 13 Wearing: Sugarlips Freebird Jacket (here); H&M Button-up; Forever21 Studded Shorts; & For All Mankind Strapped Heels

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Touch of Red

Tuxedo Tops & Bowties

I recently received some goodies from Sugarlips once again and I am just so happy (like always) to style up their pieces and share it with you guys! If you haven't already visited their site click here! Their site is filled with new lovely pieces just for this spring season so don't miss out!!

During this photoshoot we literally took almost an hour just trying to locate a good spot, and by the time we did, not only was the wind against us, but the cold as well. My sister and I quickly grabbed a few shots and immediately left after, fortunately the pictures turned out really well! haha
I combined this cute Tuxedo top from Sugarlips with a skirt to add more flare and emphasis on the top, I refused to settle for wearing typical pants with the top, and tried to think up a different way to style it. My results, was a black skater skirt, my grandma's vintage belt and red blazer, with my favorite bow tie to top it off, & aldo wedges. I made sure to take detail shots of the back for you guys, because I am a lover of deep cut backs and this top - to my surprise - was one of them hehe THANK YOU SUGARLIPS!
Whoever is in favor of this top, say I! ~~~~

2 1 6 5 4 7 8 Wearing Tuxedo Top c/o Sugarlips (here); Forever21 skirt; Forever21 Bow tie; Vintage Blazer; & Aldo heels

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello again!
It has been almost a week that I've last updated, but I have an excuse because it was midterms week and I've just been running around everywhere trying to get things done, not to mention get my presentation out of the way - which sadly to say was not that great, I believe I have a weak heart in public speech (symptoms of dry throat and a trembling voice)...gaaaah I wish I could do it all over again and make it right...blegh...I'll do my best the next time around I suppose...
BUT! Here is to Spring Break! A week of rest and adventures? I'm excited to collaborate with so anticipate that!

This Blue Peplum Top was from SugarLips (here), and I am exceptionally thankful that they sent this little piece of perfection my way to work with haha It is simply perfect for this warm weather and The Peplum shape adds a little volume to my oh so little hips. If you truly want a peplum top that flares out and adds shape, then this is no doubt the top you just need to have for this season! I paired it with my mom's old thin blazer which gave it a touch of spring hehe what do you guys think?
Gaaah! It's already late, I'll update you all more soon!
Much love, Heliely

p.s. Much thanks to my sisters for being such great supporters of my love for fashion & blogging, these pictures wouldn't have ever existed without them

P.p.s ***God has been so awesome, every moment of my life He's always constantly there bringing me up whenever I feel down and doubt myself. I cannot do anything without Him.

1 2 4 5 6 9 10 11 Wearing: Two Tone Peplum Top c/o SugarLips Apparel (here); Drawstring Woven Shorts c/o Forever21 (here); Mom's Vintage Flower Blazer; & Laminated Strap Heels c/o Zara

Thursday, March 14, 2013


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I bumped into one of my favorite songs back then and still is haha So here it is just wanted to share!