Monday, March 4, 2013


I was in the process of doing some homework, but I've become distracted with the computer and it's rather sad how I've been a tad bit if not overly dependent on this social networking tool called the internet. I try very hard to avoid plopping down on my comfy bed and turning on this little habit of a thing, but I always find myself clicking away on my keyboard. What has this generation come to?!?!?
Anyways, I should continue my homework right now before I also find myself regretting the fact that I've procrastinated once again....Talk to you all soon!!

Much Love,

p.s. Mind the rather large bruise above my knee...I found that a day or two after my half marathon, and I still question where it came from til this day...

15-1 16 13-1 14-1 17-1 18

Wearing: Burgundy vest present from my grandma; Kenar knitted Top; Forever21 distressed shorts; & Zara booties


  1. I like your legs and outfit aaaa :)

  2. love the movement on your top!

  3. you're adorable!

  4. When did you buy the top? Did you order it or buy it in store
    thankyou, please answer me at :)