Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello again!
It has been almost a week that I've last updated, but I have an excuse because it was midterms week and I've just been running around everywhere trying to get things done, not to mention get my presentation out of the way - which sadly to say was not that great, I believe I have a weak heart in public speech (symptoms of dry throat and a trembling voice)...gaaaah I wish I could do it all over again and make it right...blegh...I'll do my best the next time around I suppose...
BUT! Here is to Spring Break! A week of rest and adventures? I'm excited to collaborate with so anticipate that!

This Blue Peplum Top was from SugarLips (here), and I am exceptionally thankful that they sent this little piece of perfection my way to work with haha It is simply perfect for this warm weather and The Peplum shape adds a little volume to my oh so little hips. If you truly want a peplum top that flares out and adds shape, then this is no doubt the top you just need to have for this season! I paired it with my mom's old thin blazer which gave it a touch of spring hehe what do you guys think?
Gaaah! It's already late, I'll update you all more soon!
Much love, Heliely

p.s. Much thanks to my sisters for being such great supporters of my love for fashion & blogging, these pictures wouldn't have ever existed without them

P.p.s ***God has been so awesome, every moment of my life He's always constantly there bringing me up whenever I feel down and doubt myself. I cannot do anything without Him.

1 2 4 5 6 9 10 11 Wearing: Two Tone Peplum Top c/o SugarLips Apparel (here); Drawstring Woven Shorts c/o Forever21 (here); Mom's Vintage Flower Blazer; & Laminated Strap Heels c/o Zara


  1. You look beautiful honey <3 Love the blazer & the bright colors compliment you so well!!

    Do check out my blog:

  2. your blazer is just perfect for spring!

  3. Bella!!! Stylish girl :)

  4. So pretty! Love your blazer :)

    Neon Fox

  5. you look amazing! I love the whole outfit! check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. :)