Friday, March 1, 2013

Leopard Prints & Lace dresses

I've discovered that I have a love for all things "gypsy-like" although this dress isn't as gypsy-like as I want it to be the sleeves come a tinge little close to it. I just love flappy sleeves in dresses as well as the touch of lace here and there. 

I seem to always find myself glancing at my closet and shaking my head as I have done so many times since I have so much, yet still I am sadly not satisfied. The contents in my closet range from boxes of shoes and stacks of knit sweaters, tops, dress, jackets, blazers of all kinds - you'd think I'd stop - but the want for more goes on....I guess human nature will never be satisfied with what we have right in front of us. God is amazingly good, why? Because He honestly gave us more than enough.

On a lighter note, these photos were also taken by my little sister haha I had to use a stand since she believes my Nikon d5000 is too heavy for her petite hands. Oh! and as you can see I've been having a great dose of fun mixing and matching with these Leopard print heels from Zara! I was jumping for ecstatic, over-flowing joy when I finally received the shipment from Zara (and slightly guilty - less monies in my pocket)! I felt like a kid again arriving home with stacks and stacks of twix and kit-kat bars ready for me to pounce on them...I sound like a a crazy lunatic, maybe the word "pounce" isn't the right word but oh well. As of right now I'm in no right mind to pry my head open for decent vocabulary words, maybe I should go back to sleep...

Goodmorning...and goodnight?
Much love, Heliely

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Wearing Forever21 Lace Dress; H&M floppy hat; and Leopard Print Zara heels (here)


  1. I love the detail on the arm of the dress!

    Rebekah x

  2. such a cute dress and loving those heels!

  3. you're so adorable! I love that dress! check out my blog dear and maybe follow me if you like. following you now. :)

  4. I love this Style so much!!!!! So Beautiful!!! I like your Blog and I follow you now!!! :-)

  5. Absolutely love this whole look.
    And I agree, God is amazingly awesome :)
    Glad to have found your blog!

    Katie | Loverly She

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