Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Casual Tuesdays

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Wearing: Zara Denim Frayed Shorts (here); H&M leather vest; Zara Laminated Heels; Cotton-on bag; and Button-up Polo from somewhere ahaha

Monday, October 29, 2012


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What I'm wearing: Sugarlips Top (here); Forever21 high-waisted woven shorts; Thrifted fringe Blazer; &Zara heels 

HEY EVERYONE!! Here again! This weekend my SugarLips package finally arrived!! I was anticipating so badly for it to come and it caaameeee wooo!! So what happened was, SugarLips chose me as one of their style icons and blogger of the week so as a present they gave me the privilege to choose 5 clothes from their site to keep and to promote (I must say GOD IS SO AMAZINGL GOOD!) haha So, here the first out of the 5 and it is by far my favorite!! Not only are the details so beautiful but the back is to die for!! haha 

 Check out the SugarLips website here and the top here!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In my head...

I have this thing...it comes and goes but never permanently. It likes to visit when I'm free...and likes to hide when I'm busy. It has a sense of creeping on those days where my chest is numb and when it's heavy. I can't really say that it'll ever go away, but God has a way of finding His way...my soul knows and it'll go...running, leaping, soaring back...meeting Him, at least, half way.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing Holding Me Back

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Wearing: color-block sweater from Forever21; Skater skirts from Forever21; boots/heels from ebay by Marc Fisher; and collar striped polo from Forever21 as well :) 

 Another update!!! haha how's everyone doing?? Did a quick snap of theee outfit for today. Felt like being girly and wearing a skirt today...I prefer shorts or pants of skirts and dresses any day only because i like feeling comfortable and not being afraid the wind might come blowing my way...oh the thought of it is horrible >.<" 

 How is everyone's day going so far?

That XX

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Wearing: Thrifted Mustard Blazer; Thrifted bustier; grandma's hand-me-down belt; Cross shorts I found on ebay!! haha (excuse the wrinkles); and Marc Fisher boots (favorite so far)

Soooo here's an outfit I wore probably a week or two ago...not really sure haha but I must say when I found these cross shorts from ebay I just had to, had to buy them!! The boots and sunglasses were from ebay too ahaha seriously I had an ebay haul that week...as of right now I am temporarily haulting my shopping temptations because Christmas is almost here once again and that means saving money for gifts!!! weeeeee!! hahaha well anyways besides my love for ebay, I have to say I still am in love with this over-sized blazer, the color just adds so much to an outfit gahhh! I'm so happy I found this with my twin while thrifting in Murrieta and Temec haha

Oh! and I was thinking of making videos of my outfits if taking pictures isn't possible...what do you guys think? Video or no video? Video or no video?? haha let me know!

Love, Heliely

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I think the video speaks for itself...I tried to write how I felt after it but my words seem so jumbled up. I find myself relating though...because our past "who, what, where, when, and why" has taught us and has molded us into that someone we are and were supposed to be...and in the end we find ourselves in love with someone who completes everything we've ever imagined and hoped for...

Cold Weather Days

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Wearing: H&M Striped long sleeves; Forever21 high-waisted woven shorts; H&M beanie; newlook tights; and Marc Fisher heeled boots :) 

 HI EVERYONE!!! It has definitely been such a long time since I updated you all. I wasnt able to find some time to snap shots of my outfits everyday but today I was able to and so here was my outfit for today :) I was so excited when it finally became cold here in Temecula..let me tell you haha It has been so hot that the taste of rain even for a weekend brought so much happiness haha WOO!! More winter days please come agaaaaiiin! 

 How has all your weeks been?

Much love, Heliely <3

Monday, October 8, 2012

My Interview w/ The Daily Women


 It was an awesome opportunity ti be a part of such an amazing blog, really blessed to have been given this interview and to be even considered to be interviewed haha but you can check out the interview here! &their fanpage/blog here!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oo La La!

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Wearing: H&M leather vest; Sugarlips Apparel gypsy pants (here); thrifted bustier (my favorite haha); zara laminated heels; and my usual armcandy haha teehee <3 I had fun running and jumping around in these bottoms, they are absolutely positively comfortable!! I'm 5'4 and the length was perfect in heels <3 

Check out the Sugar Lips site HERE!