Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That XX

8 12 13-1

Wearing: Thrifted Mustard Blazer; Thrifted bustier; grandma's hand-me-down belt; Cross shorts I found on ebay!! haha (excuse the wrinkles); and Marc Fisher boots (favorite so far)

Soooo here's an outfit I wore probably a week or two ago...not really sure haha but I must say when I found these cross shorts from ebay I just had to, had to buy them!! The boots and sunglasses were from ebay too ahaha seriously I had an ebay haul that of right now I am temporarily haulting my shopping temptations because Christmas is almost here once again and that means saving money for gifts!!! weeeeee!! hahaha well anyways besides my love for ebay, I have to say I still am in love with this over-sized blazer, the color just adds so much to an outfit gahhh! I'm so happy I found this with my twin while thrifting in Murrieta and Temec haha

Oh! and I was thinking of making videos of my outfits if taking pictures isn't possible...what do you guys think? Video or no video? Video or no video?? haha let me know!

Love, Heliely


  1. Hello! :) I found your blog in chictopia :)
    I love your whole look! I'll try to dress myself and this would be one of my inspiration for my get-up! Thank you for the idea! :)

    I FOLLOWED YOU in your blog. Would you mind following each other?
    -xoxo, FRANCES

  2. love your orange lip color, it looks beautiful on you!!