Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nothing Holding Me Back

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Wearing: color-block sweater from Forever21; Skater skirts from Forever21; boots/heels from ebay by Marc Fisher; and collar striped polo from Forever21 as well :) 

 Another update!!! haha how's everyone doing?? Did a quick snap of theee outfit for today. Felt like being girly and wearing a skirt today...I prefer shorts or pants of skirts and dresses any day only because i like feeling comfortable and not being afraid the wind might come blowing my way...oh the thought of it is horrible >.<" 

 How is everyone's day going so far?


  1. this is really cute! love the sweater!

  2. Oh really nice look! ;)
    Please, take a look at our blog and follow if u want!
    Love from Spain <3

  3. omgg, found you on instagram!! you are tooo cute, girl :):)
    loveLOVE your style <3333

    1. aw thank you! Just started this year, so I'm still a beginner at things haha ^_^

  4. Lovely outfit!
    would you like to each other?

  5. really like that colour block knit and that pretty skirt, a great look and you have awesome style! xx