Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Velvety Goodness

Good Afternoon here from California! 
I am beyond happy to finally have cold weather after such a long period of hot hot hotness haha
It rained last night and I came home feeling energetic that I decided to workout with my cousin, sister, and friend for a good two hours or so. I was pretty surprised how awake I felt considering the fact that I came home around 12am in the morning, went straight to the gym and came home around 2am!
High five to successfulness! haha

On another note! After my boyfriend picked me up to grab some breakfast, he offered to take my photos this time around, and so here they are! :)

I recently received my package from a few weeks ago and I picked out this oh-so-comfortable-keep-me-warm-everyday-oversized sweater and let me tell you it is just exactly as how I named it if not more. ahaha I'd live in this sweater if I could from morning to night - that's just how awesome this velvety goodness is!

photo 3 photo 2

Wearing: Textured 7 Sweatshirt c/o Front Row Shop (here); Skirt c/o (here)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Collective Habit X HelielyB: Last Look!

Hello my fellow readers!
So here's to the last look from my collective habit shoot!
Cheers!! I hope you guys enjoyed each look as much as I did.
It was such an awesome, exciting, and fun experience (thank you so much Kim!).
For this look we decided to go with the timeless "black on black" theme.
A little black dress from Stylestalker, grabbed a larger size on the outerwear to add a bit more layers, as well as a simple knit sweater to wrap around the waist, and a perfect slouchy beanie to top it all off like cherry on an amazing sundae haha so, yes I twisted this LBD into a more comfortable look hehe


photo 3 (6)photo 2 (6) photo photo 5 (6)

Wearing: One on One Dress c/o Stylestalker (here); Plush Barca Slouchy Hat (here); Funktional Cut Jacket (here)

Sunday, December 1, 2013


After such a long, busy, and tiring weekend I am finally - FINALLY - going to have my day off tomorrow
(doing the happy dance)!
I'm no rich lady over here, so i'm doing my best working in retail as well as finishing school. (Ahhh the things you have to do to grow up right?!) Although life is treating me with lots of life-long and worthy lessons, I'm hanging in there. "Never give up, work hard, and stay positive. Good things will happen in time!"

There's so much out there, it'd be a waste not to reach out and grab them when you can...
So here's the fourth look! Loving the beanie like always and heeeeeyyy it's almost that kinda weather to grab an amazing fur coat for the season!

  photo 2 (4)photo 4 (4) photo 1 (4) photo 3 (4) photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2)

Wearing: Plush Barca Slouchy Hat (here); Line & Dot Marabou Fur Coat (here); MinkPink High Roller Shorts (here); The Laundry Room Part Shirt Muscle Tee (here)


Extremely late and very tired at this hour but I couldn't help but do a short post/update on the third look with Collective Habit (site here). I've always been a fan of Australian labels, they've got this amazing structure in most if not all of their designs - and Cameo the label is one of my favorites!

Therefore, I was overjoyed knowing I had the amazing opportunity to wear one of their dresses! haha A dream come trueeee! I kept it simple to keep the dress the focal point, with its slit back addition and flared dropped-waist detail ahhh can't say no to this lovely thing!

 Enjoy the pictures!


  photo 3 (5)photo 2 (5) photo 5 (5) photo 1 (6) photo 5 (4) Wearing: Cameo Bless This Mess Dress (here); Funktional Discovery Bomber Jacket (here); & Plush Barca Slouchy Black Hat (here)