Sunday, December 1, 2013


After such a long, busy, and tiring weekend I am finally - FINALLY - going to have my day off tomorrow
(doing the happy dance)!
I'm no rich lady over here, so i'm doing my best working in retail as well as finishing school. (Ahhh the things you have to do to grow up right?!) Although life is treating me with lots of life-long and worthy lessons, I'm hanging in there. "Never give up, work hard, and stay positive. Good things will happen in time!"

There's so much out there, it'd be a waste not to reach out and grab them when you can...
So here's the fourth look! Loving the beanie like always and heeeeeyyy it's almost that kinda weather to grab an amazing fur coat for the season!

  photo 2 (4)photo 4 (4) photo 1 (4) photo 3 (4) photo 2 (2) photo 4 (2)

Wearing: Plush Barca Slouchy Hat (here); Line & Dot Marabou Fur Coat (here); MinkPink High Roller Shorts (here); The Laundry Room Part Shirt Muscle Tee (here)


  1. Love the coat so much and the bag is amazing too!

  2. What a great smile! Lovely fur.

  3. Said it already on but I'll say it again:
    You look fffing gorgeous. Love the whole thing.


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