Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Hey everyone, I am so so so sorry for not updating lately. Haven't been able to post or take any pictures lately due to school and no photographer haha but here's a little fun photoshoot I had with my love, Josiakim. After church we went off to the side and basically goofed around while my sister snapped pictures of us...you can kind of see how weird yet loving our relationship is hahaha I am truly truly blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend. We've been through a lot, but God is good and has helped us get through it...with prayer and with God all things are possible according to His will. 

 I hope you guys are having an awesome week, take care and i'll update soon! ;D


  1. Aw these pictures are so cute, and I love both of your outfits; I wish I looked that cool going to church! :)

  2. you have a great blog :) Love all you pictures!

  3. I had a lot of fun watching these photos, they are so cute and beautiful!