Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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Wearing: Zara Frayed Shorts here; Zara Fringed Top here; Aldo Shoes here; and the rest of the accessories from random places ahaha

I had a fun day today, just got out of my fashion management/buyer class and headed off to Kimmi's house to just hangout and take some pictures. Seriously random weather...so here's the thing I looked up the weather so I can be prepared for what comes at me today and it said sunny 80ish degree weather..turns out when I get to San Marcos its actually cloudy and it also began to sprinkle..its a good thing I left before it poured on me...but I must say Temecula was right on target with that weather haha :P Well here was today's outfit, what do you guys think? Like the fringe? Yay or Nay? haha <3


  1. That fringe is gorgeous and perfect :) You also have seriously rad hair.


  2. You're so gorgeous, Heliely!
    Looving this outfit xx


  3. you are so beautyful, i love your style's