Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mate Date (photo creds to Janine's Boyfriend - Charles)

IMG_6572 IMG_6571

Seriosly love these girls. Although we have our share of different personalities and our different schedules, we always find the time to see each other and have our photo-shoots haha its kind of our "thing" I don't have that many friends that enjoy the same things I do so its refreshing to have these two girls around to share it with. 

Check out their sites:


Janine (here) - the birthday girl!!

  IMG_6565 IMG_6568

Kimmi (here)

IMG_6522 IMG_6509 IMG_6502 IMG_6477 IMG_6475

Our attempts to throw leaves and make it look nice....the result:


fail? or no fail? haha


So this day was dedicated to Janine's 20th birthday! I'm so proud of her for passing her Nursing Test and now she's a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) wooooo!!! She is such a beauty haha check her site out here! 
It was an amazing day and the weather was cold BUT that's just how I like it :) After lunch we enjoyed ourselves some ducks and no not in that way haha we fed ducks and I felt like a kid again running after them ahaha maybe not such a good idea with a skirt, but it was fun either way ^_^ 

I hope you all enjoyed your week as well! I apologize for the lack of outfit updates or rather updates in general! I will find the time soon to share everything to you all! hehe 

 Much love, Heliey
(ermegerd its a ernecerm!!)

OH! and photo credits to Charles Guinto (Janine's significant other)

p.s. the photos turned out great!!!

p.p.s. I spotted my stain on my skirt! ahahaha 


  1. i love the birthday girl's skirt! you all look super chic!

  2. These are so freaking cute and you are all so gorgeous. Downsides of mostly being friends with guys is that I totally miss out on this kind of stuff. :( I don't know why but everytime I see a group of awesomely dressed girls I just think "girl band!" and love it.