Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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BALI HAI RESTAURANT. So I haven't updated in a while considering the fact that I was slightly way too lazy or rather too busy with watching my korean dramas. Yes, sadly to say I am one of those korean kpop drama watching fanatics, I have a soft spot for cute love stories can you blame me?!(laugh all you want). Even though its finals week I am rather excited for Christmas! It's coming by so fast just as fast as this year is ending...can you all believe it's almost the end of the year? Wow...2013? Although I am a bit petrified at the thought of a new year with all the mysteriousness the year will bring...I was overly happy that I FINALLY turned 21. I am officially an adult and as a celebration - late, but still a happy one - I had a belated lunch with my cousins, Vanessa and her boyfriend, my sister plus her significant other, and of course along with my special someone as well (insert happy face and giggle). I had such a blast minus the part when we had some payment troubles at the end of it...seriously if its a big group at such a high quality restaurant you would think they could bring some high quality service right? But, anyways while I push my bantering aside all in all I had fun! Afterwards we moved on with our little Filipino gathering at my aunt's house to watch the Paqiuao vs. Marquez fight...oh man dead knockout with lights out!! If you haven't already experienced a group of Filipinos cheering on another Filipino on tv...I've gotta warn you it is cuhhhrraazzzzyyyy!  haha

 One last final note before I go watch another episode of "Miss You" kdrama, I would like to say that God is amazingly great. This year is coming to a close, but no matter what whether good or bad...God has been faithful. I'm who I am and have this life at hand with all the people I love and care about because of Him. You guys are awesome. Have a blessed and happy Christmas with a happy blessed New Year!


  1. happy belated birthday! looks like such a fun get together!


    1. Thank you so much!! It was very fun haha ^_^