Saturday, January 12, 2013


So I've finally updated on a post again haha There's been so many things happening lately I've hadn't had time to really spend time on my blog. I have missed writing to you guys and giving you guys an update. I wish the best for you all as it is a NEW year haha

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Wearing: Lace Case Tee from NastyGal (here); Patent High Heel Ankle Boot from Zara (here); Stone Messenger Bag from Zara (here); Forever21 shorts; H&M hat; and the usual armswag haha

 It was my first time to order something from NastyGal thanks to my sister for her late but still perfect birthday and Christmas present haha I was so excited to see the package after coming home from my date with my boyfriend haha DOUBLE THE HAPPINESS!!


  1. i an so in love with your hat and boots!

  2. awesome shoes!

  3. i love this outfit the lace tee is amazing ! great blog,