Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today was dot day. And right at this very moment I just realized how ironic it was that I wore polka dots on the start of my monthly dot day. Its on these kinds of days that I question why God couldn't make men bleed rather than us, but then again we need to ready our system for child birth so I guess that answers the question. Either way the first day sucks and I was completely bipolar, one moment I'm in pain the other I'm jolly as a bee. Right now I miss my boyfriend, he was really sweet to have taken care of me with the few minutes he had and I can't thank him enough even when I complain that I want more of his time, even then he tries his best...

Gaaaah excuse me while I cry right now...
let me just lie in my bed and ache in my pain of being a woman.

Have a BLESSED Sunday guys!

Much love,

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Wearing: H&M polka dot peplum top; A&G jeans; Zara heels


  1. such a playful top!

  2. Totally love the outfit + the backdrop of the wooden wall!!!