Wednesday, January 16, 2013


9 7 6 11 3 2-2 10 Wearing: H&M Over-sized knit sweater; H&M hat; Forever21 Black skater skirt; and Marc Fisher boots

Went out today feeling confident and ready to go for some job hunting and happy to walk around in heels and of all days it would be hot today..should've checked the weather before I wore this knit sweater out (would've been perfect for some little breeze) but on a good note it was a decent outfit don't you think? Gahh anyways, I desperately need a job considering the fact that I haven't had one since..ever!!! My main job has always been babysitting my little sisters who are 10 and 16 years apart from me (yes a VERY large age gap). I am trying so so hard, my very best to try and get hired but it seems as though I'm not quiet qualified for's to another unemployed year?? (ahh please nooooo!) I have to say I have a lot to offer and I've learned so many skills with working with others and being hard-working as well as persistent and approachable...if I don't find a job soon I'll just end up crying in a corner with some brownies and french vanilla ice cream to wash away my sorrows.

God is good no matter what!
I'm determined!
Wish me well!

Much love, Heliely


  1. you look amazing! i am really jelous of your weather haha!
    greets from austria

  2. Just found your blog, it's awesome! You post the most gorgeous outfits! <3

    fashionlei styled

  3. love your hat!