Saturday, January 5, 2013


HEY EVERYONE!! Just got back from Big Bear City with my youth today as a winter camp haha Unfortunately due to my forgetfulness I wasn't able to take good quality pictures with my camera because I left my sd card at home...(gahhh so bummed the past 3 days) but I did take some cool shots with my handy-dandy iphone haha and I did post some of the photos up on my instagram (username as ishmelele). 

 I had loads and tons of fun with them although it was freezing outside and my toes might've fallen off if I hadn't ran back inside after having finished one of our relay races out in the snow to make the best snowman ever in our teams (although it was as close to impossible considering the fact that the snow was too soft to mold into a ball - even for snowball fights hahaha). We also walked around the town and visited this small sweet shop and for the first time I tasted GELATO! & it was DELICIOUSSS!! ahhh so good! hehe afterwards we played some good ol' card games and gestures, as well as this game called Catch Phrase. All in all it was a blessed week, my youth is pretty awesome - just sayin' haha 

 Well here goes my attempt to sleep early tonight, 
Goodnight fellow readers. 

 Much Love, Heliely B.

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