Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Found Kimmi and I matching today and it just so proves that we are definitely twins, yes great minds think alike!! From the velvet tops, patterned pants, down to the blue heeled shoes I couldn't agree more that we are just the two peas in the pod and the two needle picks in a haystack. It isn't every day you'd find two girls walking around campus in just about the same outfit without thinking that we're either two odd kids or just two girls maybe a bit too serious about their friendship? Either way we're the mixture of odd and closeness so lets just agree with the public.
(Take note that this was completely unplanned matching ahahha)


Yup we're the typical normal 21 year olds....maybe?

19 22 26 27

MEET MY TWIN, Kimmi loves playing with texture as well if you haven't noticed haha check out her site here!


So, this is how I decided to play around with these patterned pants and velvet top. I didn't want to play it safe by just adding black, instead I mixed the two together and added that hint of blue for another color. What do you guys think? YAY or NAY?

  4 6

Ignore the random fuzzy's on my knit cap ahahahah...ha...ha.....-___-"

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Wearing: Mom's velvet top; H&M sleeveless collar top; H&M pants; & Zara Heels


  1. these pictures are joyful and lovely ! it s delighting following this blog. Congrats !

  2. super cute! love both your shoes!

  3. love the printed pants! great look! would be lovely to follow each other


  4. You look so cute together. I love velvet, and I love that jacket.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!