Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I've got this habit of putting too many photos on my posts and it doesn't help that my laptop can't keep up with the many uploads I've been laptop please? (Lets just call that wishful thinking shall we?)

As for today I was able to have another mate date with my two favorite beautiful ladies that understand the hectic process of picture taking and the blood, sweat, and tears we've poured out onto our efforts of becoming a consistent blogger and social network fiend. Is it working? I mean to be honest being a full time blogger is very difficult, and I give so much credit to those who have done so and have made it so far. Your hard-work and dedication is truthfully inspiring and very much noticed, I could not have started without a little push and inspiration by others.

Back on track, we headed off to old-town once again for a small town adventure although we had a few stares here and there from strangers probably giving us a stink eye for being the three-out-of-the-ordinary girls walking around in skirts and heels (NOT your typical Temeculan)and for being "too" dressy in the middle of the day. We had this funny encounter with a creepy (I mean super creepy-stalker-maybe-too-much kind of guy) man in his car asking for Kimmi's number and asking to become her boyfriend WHILE we were in the car waiting for the green light to take its turn...I mean seriously why? He seemed nice at first but...ahhhh (shivers). 

Kimmi is way too nice and approachable for her own good, but then again that's why I love her. After strolling around and eating some burritoooos from Rosa's Cantina we headed off to take a few snapshots of our outfits haha Janine is so cute wearing plaid...AHHHH MY LOVE FOR PLAID!

Gah ok... well...(trying to think of a witty way to end this weird conversation..) 
I've got to immerse myself in some homework - crying inside - anyone want to join me?
No? ok...smh

Goodnight my fellow readers!
Much love,

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  1. I love this post! I can always count on you two for a wonderful time. You guys are literally the only friends i hang out with hahaha, so thanks for always being there! <3 Another mate date soon!

    1. hehe love you girls so much! Next week again! haha

  2. what a lovely pooost ! you girls look so nice as a crew :) i assume the pictures express the real thing :)