Sunday, February 10, 2013


So it was immeasurably cold outside, I was insane to think I would wear this lace blazer and call it a decent piece of clothing to warm me up in this kind of weather. I guess it was due in part with the fact that I was rushing this morning and was too lazy and disheveled to give enough effort to dress appropriately, as well as becoming overly optimistic in hoping the weather would change according to my wishes. Trust me after taking these few shots my camera gave a fit because of the cold and my sister and I decided to call it a day and ran back in the car putting the heater on full blast. As of right now I'm cozy as ever in my star-purpled pj's and my over-sized stripped tee hehe

Happy Sundays to you all!

Much Love,

5 4 3 Wearing: A&G Jeans; Zara Basic Heels; Forever21 Lace Blazer; and H&M Peplum Top

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  1. Just discovered you from instagram and lookbook. I am in LOVE with your style. Will definitely be back for more!! <3

    XO J

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