Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who Said Baggy was Bad?

I've always been a fan of androgynous styles, and I can honestly say woman can feel sexy in them too if they tried haha I had to work my way around these heels and sure enough I succeeded in making it the focal point of this outfit. These little babies from Zara hasn't seen much sunlight, since my efforts in wearing heels these past couple of weeks were a no go for me - only because I've been so busy running around Nordstrom in my H&M snakeskin sneakers that have been slowly wearing out...maybe I should buy myself another of the same pair..hmm... But anyways, so here's to masculinity in it's finest mix of femininity. How would you guys wear your baggy jeans?

 Much Love,
Heliely xo

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  1. Hi! I really really love your style and your hair! Haha I hope you can visit my blog too and follow me :)

  2. Your style is perfection!! love your blog dear !!! U have now new follower :) keep in touch xx

  3. Those jeans are seriously rockin'!! Love the touch of leopard to ur outfit ;) Love ur hair~

  4. Gak! You're so "handsome" in this outfit! :P My new girl crush! hehe