Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Love: Esther Boots

I was fan girl-ing out when Wasteland contacted me and honestly I still can't believe it! haha
I'm extremely grateful and feel very privileged to be working with any one of these stores/brands, God is good as always!
& Thanks to all my readers, your addition to my blog is another push and support for me to keep going!

If you guys haven't heard about them, check out their site here!

So...what did I choose from Wasteland?'s none other than these awesomely awwwee to the someeee To Be Announced Esther Boots haha I couldn't help myself!! I know another pair of shoes, but seriously can you blame me?!?! I mean look at these??? haha
(Yes, I was jumping for joy while hyperventilating when I got these babies)
Anyways, I decided to just take it easy these couple of days, and just be the casual every day me.

What do you guys think? Are you as in love with these boots as I am?



  1. You have a gorgeous blog, I love your look and you are so pretty !
    New follower ♥


  2. So in love with these boots! They are amaaaaaazing!

    Xo, Hannah