Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey everyone!

I must completely apologize for being gone for such a long period of time, but thanks so much to those who have recently followed me and those who still are :) You guys are beyond awesome! But, I will give you guys a sneak preview to my recent shoot for my dress that I helped "inspire" for Dahlia Wolf (check out their site here). I really wanted to do something different since it was my first dress that was made for me, so I hope you guys will support and end up buying it? Maybe? Or just spread the word!

But anyways, it's a sneak peak so you wont be able to see the whole dress just yet!

photo 3


  1. Everything about this picture is gorgeous. I am in looooove!

    peace, love, & utter bliss,
    instagram: @r0na_

  2. You look absolutely stunning as usual! :)

    Xo, Hannah