Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Personal Update

Hello (for any of those who may possibly come upon my blog),

I'd like to write a bit of who I am (for those who take the time to read and care haha). First of, my name is Heliely Leanne Bermudez, the "H" is silent and pronounced as El-ya-Lee -- as you can tell my first name is too hard to pronounce so, I tend to tell others to just call me Leanne. My name originated from "Eliel" meaning "My God is God" and I hope one day I can strongly stand firm and live that out. Honestly, I've been too sheltered and ignorant in my past years (and maybe still am), but now that I've been in college for 3 years and counting  I've realized that I'm one of those silly kids who have found themselves stuck in one place trying to figure out the next step or even the next thought into...living life itself and reaching success. I've got lots to do and lots to figure out, but I know and have faith that I'll get somewhere with help from family, my love, friends, and most especially God.

Now, where does fashion fit in? Why clothes and pretty little things? Material things are one of the things human kind craves for, and I will be honest with you that I fall into that category. It is my personal weakness to imagine and create in my head pretty things like art, photography, sketching my own dresses, gowns (most especially wedding gowns haha), styling, and etc. I enjoy the most typical things that many girls/young women do, and although I may not be unique from the average person...I believe in my mind that I am much more unique than what many may see and believe in front of them...

My selfishness to like pretty things is something I want to change, I want to be more than my selfishness, I want to do more for others than for myself, and I want to do things for My God than anyone else...I just have to figure out how i'll reach that goal...and right now I'd like to pursue what I'm good at and use what I earn/ blessed with to fulfill it....I still have to figure myself out, learn who I am, and be passionate with what I do...

I think its an adventure haha something I know I may fail at and I also know I'll succeed in...Just wait and see I'll get somewhere far. :) I hope you'll take the time to watch and see....

-Heliely Leanne Bermudez (taken by Josiakim Guevarra Barcelon)

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