Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Tie Dye

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Wearing: Red Blazer from my grandmother, Filson heels from ALDO, Dress from Forever21.

I never thought that I'd find myself going through so much just to get a good picture haha so many re-takes, but I honestly thank God so much for giving me so many opportunities to get far and do this. He's my push and i'll keep trying as long as all things go according to His will. As would the koreans say (because I love them haha) Fighting! :D


  1. Nice Blog *__*
    I´m your latest follower (:

  2. I follow you! :)
    I love your style, just perfect ;) my blog is http://bellearrogance.blogspot.com/

  3. I can't find this dress on forever21! Did you buy it online? I love it to death!

    1. ahh sorry, I actually bought this at the store >.<"
      The moment I saw it, I bought it haha
      But I'll go check it out online and let you know if I do see it :)

    2. i didn't find it either, bt here are some things like it?
      Dress #1

      Dress #2