Monday, April 28, 2014



Dresses, Dresses, Dresses...not much of a dress kind of girl -i'd pick pants over dresses any day- only because I just feel way more comfortable in moving around in them more so than dresses, don't you agree? I mean i'd be in constant alert on a windy day making sure flashing is NOT going to be an option..just imagine if that happened...I just cant right now hahaha #embarrassing

BUT, for some odd reason my eyes have been wavering towards the dresses section. The days have gotten warmer and shorts just doesn't seem quiet right to me this season, or maybe I should wait a little more before I proclaim my new found attraction to dresses. Thanks to Lush Clothing for gifting me a few pieces (watch out for another dress and a pair of shorts post about them soon!), I am IN LOVE with this lovely floral dress haha They make amazing pieces, so make sure to watch out for their label!

 ----------------------> Check out LUSH CLOTHING SITE!

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  1. you are gorgeous, your hair looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful dress1

  3. The pictures, the place , the makeup and outfit are amazing ! I love everything !

  4. Lovely dress and gorgeous nude pumps!

  5. I know the exact feeling of wearing a dress and being on high alert for the winds lol. I choose shorts over dresses and pants anyday of the week. But nonetheless, you still look great in the dress!

    xx AlexisSplash

  6. I love that hat! Wish there were more photos of that!


  7. Beautiful, adore the hat and nude heels <3

  8. What app do you use to edit your photos and for filters?