Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blacks, Greys, & Whites

Took another casual twist, and decided to stay on the monochrome colors with this Biker Chic jacket from Hokkfabrica (link is at the end of post). I've been so exhausted from work lately, I come home with my legs
up and just falling asleep to some instrumentals after a good tasty meal food...oh my stomach haha Planning my next marathon at the end of this year!


So, random of all random..but I have been missing my boyfriend at this very moment. Every day in fact haha Kinda freaks me out that I can love and miss someone so much as I do with matter how upset or angry we both get at each other, I can't help but love him, I can't help but smile, I can't help but laugh at his silliness. I suppose i'm just crazy in a way, or maybe even a masochist because we've endured the pain we've caused one another...but then again that's a pretty normal relationship. & to be honest I'm frightened at the thought of loving someone this much, scared because my hearts at such a vulnerable position. But, hey God put him there so whatever God's plans are, I'll give it up to Him. Either way, Josiakim is a blessing. & That's that.

#Picfx #Picfx #Picfx #Picfx #Picfx #Picfx #Picfx Wearing: Two-Tone Biker Jacket from Hokkfabrica (here); Round Chain Bag (here); White Top from (here)